Ethical & Vegan Artist Materials

Ethical & Vegan

 Artist Materials

Ethical Materials

Michael Harding Art Formulas is part of a global effort that ensures raw materials are sourced and obtained in an ethical manner. We focus on sourcing materials from parts of the world and from companies that align with our global environmental ethos and commit to the following:

  • Reducing the impact art materials have on the global environment;
  • Ensuring suppliers and their supply chains don’t source DRC conflict minerals;
  • Securing confirmed statements from raw material suppliers that their products don’t support conflict, slave labour, child labour, environmental or human rights violations;
  • and Sourcing alternative raw materials if a supplier is unwilling to comply.

Vegan Products

We use no shellacs, dairy products, or insects in our products. We’ve heard artists’ growing concern that art materials should be cruelty-free and made without animal products. For this reason, the items listed below are free from animal-derived ingredients.

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