Titanium White No. 1 (No. 101)

Titanium White No. 2 & 3 (No. 102 & 130)

Zinc White (No. 103) (Withdrawn)

Foundation White (No. 225)

Cremnitz White No. 2 (No. 307)

Cremnitz White No. 1 (No. 308)

Stack Lead White (No. 703)

Warm White Lead Alternative (No. 137)

Warm Light Yellow (No. 226)

Lead Tin Yellow Light (No. 512)

Lead Tin Yellow Lemon (No. 514)

Lemon Yellow (No. 108)

Yellow Lake (No. 110)

Cadmium Yellow Lemon (No. 401)

Bright Yellow Lake (No. 109)

Cadmium Yellow (No. 402)

Aureolin (No. 501)

Cadmium Yellow Deep (No. 404)

Cadmium Golden Yellow (No. 403)

Michael Harding Indian Yellow artist's oil paint

Indian Yellow (No. 203)

Quinacridone Gold (No. 411)

Michael Harding Indian Yellow Red Shade artist's oil paint

Indian Yellow Red Shade (No. 204)

Yellow Lake Deep (No. 202)

Cadmium Orange (No. 502)

Michael Harding Permanent Orange artists' quality oil paint

Permanent Orange (No. 222)

Michael Harding Cadmium Red Light artist's oil paint

Cadmium Red Light (No. 503)

Michael Harding Cadmium Red artist's oil paint

Cadmium Red (No. 504)

Scarlet Lake (No. 205)

Michael Harding Napthol Red artists' quality oil paint

Napthol Red (No. 301)

Michael Harding Genuine Chinese Vermillion artist's oil paint

Genuine Chinese Vermilion (No. 701)

Michael Harding Cadmium Red Deep artist's oil paint

Cadmium Red Deep (No. 505)

Michael Harding's Alizarin Crimson artist's oil paint

Alizarin Crimson (No. 302)

Michael Harding's Alizarin Claret artist's oil paint

Alizarin Claret (No. 310)

Michael Harding Crimson Lake artist's oil paint

Crimson Lake (No. 406)

Michael Harding Rose Madder artists' quality oil paint

Rose Madder (No. 608)

Michael Harding Magenta artist' quality oil paint

Magenta (No. 303)

Michael Harding Brilliant Pink artist's oil paint

Brilliant Pink (No. 207)

Quinacridone Rose Artist's Oil paint

Quinacridone Rose (No. 311)

Michael Harding Cobalt Violet Light artist's oil paint

Cobalt Violet Light (No. 601)

Michael Harding Cobalt Violet Dark artist's oil paint

Cobalt Violet Dark (No. 602)

Michael Harding Manganese Violet artists' quality oil paint

Manganese Violet (No. 304)

Michael Harding's Amethyst artist oil paint

Amethyst (No. 309)

Michael Harding Ultramarine Violet artist's oil paint

Ultramarine Violet (No. 208)

Michael Harding's Deep Purple artist's oil paint

Deep Purple (No. 312)

Michael Harding's Prussian Blue artist's oil paint

Prussian Blue (No. 112)

Indigo (No. 228)

Michael Harding Phthalocyanine Blue Lake artist's oil paint

Phthalocyanine Blue Lake (No. 209)

Michael Harding's Ultramarine Blue artist's oil paint

Ultramarine Blue (No. 113)

Michael Harding Lapis Lazuli oil paint

Lapis Lazuli (No. 702)

Michael Harding Cobalt Blue artist's oil paint

Cobalt Blue (No. 506)

Pale Violet artist's oil paint

Pale Violet (No. 227)

Michael Harding Cerulean Blue artist's oil paint

Cerulean Blue (No. 603)

Phthalocyanine Blue & Titanium White (No. 114)

Michael Harding Kings Blue Light artist's oil paint

Kings Blue Light (No. 211)

Cobalt Teal Blue Shade (No. 516)

Michael Harding Cobalt Teal artist's oil paint

Cobalt Teal (No. 513)

Michael Harding Kings Blue Deep artist's oil paint

Kings Blue Deep (No. 212)

Michael Harding Phthalocyanine Turquoise artist's oil paint

Phthalocyanine Turquoise (No. 210)

Caribbean Turquoise (No. 229)

Michael Harding Cobalt Turquoise Deep artist's oil paint

Cobalt Turquoise Deep (No. 507)

Michael Harding Oxide of Chromium artists' quality oil paint

Oxide of Chromium (No. 305)

Michael Harding viridian artists' quality oil paint

Viridian (No. 511)

Michael Harding Permanent Sap Green artists' quality oil paint

Permanent Sap Green (No. 217)

Michael Harding Cobalt Deep Green artist's oil paint

Cobalt Green Deep (No. 508)

Bright Green Lake (No. 116)

Michael Harding Pthalocyanine Green Yellow Shade artists' quality oil paint

Phthalocyanine Green Yellow Shade (No. 214)

Michael Harding Phthalocyanine Green Lake artist's oil paint

Phthalocyanine Green Lake (No. 213)

Michael Harding Permanant Green Light artists' quality oil paint

Permanent Green Light (No. 215)

Michael Harding Emerald Green artist's oil paint

Emerald Green (No. 216)

Terre Verte (No. 115)

Michael Harding Italian Green Umber artist's oil paint

Italian Green Umber (No. 132)

Swatch of Michaewl Harding Green Gold oil colour

Green Gold (No. 410)

Michael Harding's Unbleached Titanium Dioxide artist's oil paint

Unbleached Titanium Dioxide (No. 117)

Genuine Naples Yellow Light (No. 605)

Genuine Naples Yellow Dark (No. 606)

Michael Harding Naples Yellow artists' quality oil paint

Naples Yellow (No. 218)

Michael Harding's Yellow Ochre Deep artist's oil paint

Yellow Ochre Deep (No. 118)

Yellow Ochre (No. 119)

Michael Harding Transparent Oxide Yellow artists' quality oil paint

Transparent Oxide Yellow (No. 219)

French Yellow Ochre (No. 133)

Michael Harding's Raw Sienna artist's oil paint

Raw Sienna (No. 120)

Michael Harding Italian Brown Ochre 223

Italian Brown Ochre (No. 223)

Michael Harding's Burnt Sienna artist's oil paint

Burnt Sienna (No. 125)

Michael Harding's Venetian Red artist's oil paint

Venetian Red (No. 122)

Michael Harding's Indian Red artist's oil paint

Indian Red (No. 123)

Michael Harding Transparent Oxide Red artists' quality oil paint

Transparent Oxide Red (No. 220)

Michael Harding's Red Umber artist's oil paint

Red Umber (No. 124)

Michael Harding's Raw Umber artist's oil paint

Raw Umber (No. 121)

Michael Harding Burnt Umber artist's oil paint

Burnt Umber (No. 126)

Michael Harding Transparent Oxide Brown artists' quality oil paint

Transparent Oxide Brown (No. 224)

Michael Harding Vandyke Brown artist's oil paint

Vandyke Brown (No. 134)

Michael Harding's Neutral Grey artist's oil paint

Neutral Grey N5 (No. 136)

Michael Harding Paynes Grey artist's oil paint

Paynes Grey (No. 127)

Michael Harding Vine Black artist's oil paint

Vine Black (No. 135)

Michael Harding Lamp Black artist's oil paint

Lamp Black (No. 128)

Michael Harding Ivory Black artist's oil paint

Ivory Black (No. 129)