Miracle Medium



MM0 Miracle Medium is a solvent-free, odourless, vegan, and plant-based Medium that serves as an alternative to traditional turpentine. This medium offers artists a natural and sustainable option for thinning oil paints, cleaning brushes, and varnishing artworks (see our MM2 Quick Dry Dammar Varnish Miracle Medium) without the use of harsh chemicals or toxic fumes.

Oil paint artists use MM0 Miracle Medium in several ways:

  1. Thin the paint: MM0 Miracle Medium can be used to thin oil paint, which can make it easier to apply in thin layers, create washes, or achieve certain blending effects. Artists may dip their brush in MM0 Miracle Medium before applying it to the paint to achieve the desired consistency.
  2. Clean brushes: MM0 Miracle Medium can be used to clean oil paint brushes. After painting, artists may rinse their brushes in MM0 Miracle Medium to remove excess paint and then wash the brushes with soap and water.
  3. Remove paint: MM0 Miracle Medium can be used to remove dried oil paint from brushes and other painting tools. Artists may soak their brushes in MM0 Miracle Medium to soften and remove dried paint.
  4. Varnishing: MM0 Miracle Medium is often used in the preparation of varnishes for protecting and finishing oil paintings. It can be mixed with damar varnish to create a suitable varnish for oil paintings.
Michael Harding Napthol Red artists' quality oil paint

Use as a painting medium to mix with oil paints, enhancing flow and transparency

– Clean brushes by dipping them in the medium and wiping them clean.

– Dilute or thin oil paints without the use of traditional solvents.

– Available in 100ml, 250ml and 1 Litre.