Oils – For Oil Painting

Refined Poppy Seed Oil


Poppyseed oil is often incorporated with whites and light blues because of its non-yellowing nature. It’s a slower drying oil with a paint film not quite as strong as linseed and safflower oils. Originating in the low countries of Europe, poppy seed oil has been an artist’s staple since the 15th-century.

Refined Poppy Seed Oil tempers the consistency of oil paints while increasing their gloss and transparency.

Michael Harding Napthol Red artists' quality oil paint

Guide to Use:

This oil will dry more slowly than linseed, but it is paler and less inclined to yellow.

Refined Poppy Seed Oil is ideal for working wet-on-wet.

Because of its slow drying properties, it is not advisable to use this oil when underpainting.

Available in 100 ml, 250 ml, 1 litre