Storing Paint Tubes

The best way to store your oil paints is upside down. Why? Because pigments are heavy they can often sink within the oil and therefore separate.
Storing your oil paints cap down thus allows the lighter weight oil to naturally flow up and the weightier pigment to flow down to the cap. ⁠

Over time pigment may separate from oil in the tube. To resolve this situation store your tube upright on the cap to ‎allow gravity to pull the heavier pigment to the cap. This will alleviate oil from seeping out when the cap is opened.‎

Remember to wipe away paint that may be around the neck of the tube so your tube is easy to open and the cap aligns correctly with the tube threads providing for complete closure to maintain the integrity of the oil paint.

If the cap is‎ stuck, gently use pliers to unscrew the tube or dip the cap into hot water then use a cloth to unscrew the cap.

Be wary of over tightening your caps!


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January 14, 2019

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  1. Love the video.
    Informative but fun.
    It’s interesting that you arrange the colours from right to left.
    This makes sense if you’re right handed.
    We read from left to right in the Western world.
    From childhood this is how we negotiate the language.
    You’ve guessed I’m left handed so I have to reverse all your invaluable information .

    Thank you for all of this.
    Great stuff.


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