FAQ – Toxic Oil Paints

Why do your tubes come with fume warnings?

The fumes are in relation to extreme situations such as a fire; if the oil painting were to catch fire in an enclosed space with you inside of said space, then the fumes would be dangerous for you to inhale.

The warnings are also intended for cigarette smokers who may not realise they are putting themselves at risk by smoking a cigarette with small amounts of paint still on their hands.

I hope this helps ease your mind. They are simply there to make people aware of the potential dangers, but as long as you are practising a good level of health and safety when you paint, then you should not have anything to worry about. As always, we take the opportunity to stress the importance of ventilation when working with any artist materials. If the paint is toxic, it will say so on the label, but ventilation is always key!

How should I handle paints labelled toxic?

Please refer to the Health and Safety section of the website.


Which MH Oil Paints are toxic?