FAQ – Toxic Oil Paints

Why do your paints come with fume warnings?

The fume warnings are included to alert users to potential risks in extreme situations such as a fire. In the event of a fire involving the oil paint in an enclosed space, the resulting fumes could pose a danger if inhaled.

Additionally, the warnings are also intended for the awareness of cigarette smokers. It’s important for smokers to realise that they may inadvertently expose themselves to risk by smoking a cigarette with residual paint on their hands.

We understand that safety is a priority for our customers, and these warnings are meant to inform and promote safe practices. By maintaining good health and safety measures while painting, you can minimise any concerns. We always emphasise the importance of proper ventilation when working with any artist materials. If a paint is toxic, it will be clearly labeled as such, but regardless, ventilation is always crucial.

We hope this provides clarity and reassurance. Our goal is to ensure that you can enjoy your artistic pursuits with peace of mind.

How should I handle paints labelled toxic?

Please refer to the Health and Safety section of the website.


Which MH Oil Paints are toxic?