Solvent Free Oil Paints

Q: What makes Michael Harding oil paints solvent-free?

Michael Harding oil paints are formulated using only pure pigment and oil, typically cold-pressed linseed oil, without the addition of solvents. This means that from the initial milling process to the moment the paint is packed into tubes, no solvents are used to alter the consistency or extend the product.

Q: Have Michael Harding oil paints always been solvent-free?

Yes, Michael Harding oil paints have been solvent-free since their inception. Michael has always prioritised creating paints that are true to historic working properties of oil paint, which do not require the inclusion of solvents.

Q: Do I need to use solvents when painting with Michael Harding oil paints

No, you do not need to use solvents when painting with Michael Harding oil paints. The paints are designed to provide a buttery and vibrant quality straight from the tube. However, if you wish to modify the paint’s characteristics, such as flow or transparency, you can use solvent-free mediums or oils designed for this purpose.

Q: Can I still achieve thin glazes and washes without solvents?

Yes, you can achieve thin glazes and washes by using oil mediums that do not contain solvents. Michael Harding offers a range of oil mediums that can be used to increase the transparency and improve the flow of the paint without the need for traditional solvents.

Q: How do I clean my brushes without solvents after using Michael Harding oil paints?

Brushes used with Michael Harding oil paints can be cleaned with natural oils such as linseed or safflower oil, followed by washing with soap and water. This eliminates the need for harsh solvents in the cleaning process. Alternatively, you can also use MM0 as a solvent free brush cleaner.

Q: Are solvent-free Michael Harding oil paints environmentally friendly?

Yes, the solvent-free nature of Michael Harding oil paints makes them more environmentally friendly compared to paints that contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). By not using solvents, these paints contribute less to air pollution and VOC emissions.

Q: Is the quality of Michael Harding solvent-free oil paints comparable to traditional oil paints that use solvents?

Absolutely. The company is known for its high pigment load and excellent colour saturation, resulting in vibrant, durable colours that professional artists value. No solvents means more pigment, higher lightfasteness and more. 

Q: Will I notice a difference in the drying time of solvent-free oil paints?

The drying time of solvent-free oil paints is comparable to traditional oil paints. It can vary depending on the pigment, with some colours drying faster than others. If you wish to alter the drying time, Michael Harding provides solvent-free mediums that can either speed up or slow down the process.

Q: Are Michael Harding solvent-free oil paints safe for all artists to use?

Michael Harding oil paints  are an excellent choice for artists who are sensitive to chemicals or who prefer to maintain a toxin-free studio environment.

Q: Where can I purchase Michael Harding solvent-free oil paints?

Michael Harding solvent-free oil paints can be purchased through various fine art supply retailers.