Vicki Norman – MH Ambassador

Oil painting of a Norfolk landscape titled "Last Light, Clippesby" by artist Vicki Norman

I just love paint.
And I love to travel. And to teach other people to paint.
That’s it really.

Autumn at Derwent Water by Michael Harding Ambassador Vicki Norman

Autumn at Derwent Water

I have always been a painter, I graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art Painting and later studied for a teaching certificate specialising in post 16 education. In recent years I have studied with master painters from Italy and the USA, all the time searching for traditional skills and methods which can be applied to paintings of a modern world. I give workshops and classes on various aspects of drawing and painting and also painting holidays for those who want to work outside the studio.

Algarve Gold by Michael Harding Ambassador Vicki Norman

Algarve Gold

My fondness for travelling and painting has naturally led me into the world of Plein Air painting. Working quickly on location to capture the essence of a time and place encourages a looser, more impressionist style of painting. This puts an emphasis on atmosphere rather than detail, and colour is the vehicle through which I seek to capture light and place. Colour is everything, the harmony of colours together on the canvas and the thick, creamy blobs of paint on the surface inspire me every time. I really do just love paint and I love making paintings. So, being an ambassador for Michael Harding Oils is really great for me, because he makes the best paint in the world.

Walkers at the Hook by Michael Harding Ambassador Vicki Norman

Walkers at the Hook

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