Born and raised in New York, Ricky Mujica started painting at the age of 15 as a student at High School of Art and Design. He was a member of the legendary “Early Morning Painting Group”, that was run by Max Ginsburg and Irwin Greenberg.

After high school, Ricky continued his art education at Parsons School of Design/ New School, and Parsons in Paris.

He continued to paint with the High School of Art and Design “Early Morning Painting” group while attending Parsons.

Mother Courage by Michael Harding Ambassador Ricky Mujica

Mother Courage

Ricky has lived in Africa, Norway, Germany, Mexico, France, Spain, Japan, England, Italy, and Australia and has sold a painting or drawing in at least every one of those countries.

Ricky looks to Rembrandt, Velasquez, and Kathe Kollwitz for inspiration.

His connection to, and affection for the Old Masters has helped him achieve a high level of success as an illustrator. Before returning to his roots as a fine artist, Ricky Mujica created book jacket art for nearly all the top publishing companies including Harper Collins, Harlequin, Bantam, Little Brown Books, Hard Case Crime, and Scholastic. He made illustrations for New York Times Magazine, Daily News, Ebony Magazine, and Cherry 7-UP. He has painted murals for Sony and Leows theaters, and has made paintings used on clothes for fashion designer Rachel Roy. His artwork has been presented at the Museum of American Illustration on several occasions.

Vibrant oil painting by Michael harding Ambassador Ricky Mujica

Since his return to Fine Art, Ricky Mujica has received many awards, including a first place at the April round of The Representational Art Conference 2015 competition where his work was exhibited, the Portrait Society of America International and members competitions, the OPA National Regional and members competitions, the Salmagundi Club members and non-members competitions, the Allied Artists Competitions, the National Oil and Acrylic Painters National competitions, the Richeson Competitions, and the ARC International Salon Competitions.

Chromatic oil painting by Michael Harding Ambassador Ricky Mujica.

Ricky aligns himself with the Post Contemporary Art Movement and it’s aesthetic of “Skill, Creativity, and Empathy”.

“I’m concerned with the human condition. With joy and pain, with love and hate, with life and death. I want to care about what I’m painting and about the people I paint.

Having spent some time as an actor, I’m concerned with drama. I’m concerned with a specific moment in time that reveals something about the human condition.

Empathy is the most important driver of my work. It’s what I strive to embrace. That is most important to me. Second is beauty and the sublime. Third on the list is skill. I want to have the skill to create a living, breathing work of art.” -Ricky

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