topic: Health & Safety

Travelling with Paints

When flying with your Michael Harding oil paints, we always recommend you place a notice in your luggage for the airport security personnel to read, it will inform them that you are carrying oil paints and that they are safe to transport. The link below will take you to a printable PDF that you can […]

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What do the numbers in the Details and Descriptions of Individual Colours mean?

Details and Descriptions of Colours The individual colour descriptions provide assessments for certain determinable characteristics of all the colours presently in the Michael Harding Artist Oil Colours range as well as a few informal remarks by Michael on their qualities and idiosyncrasies when used. The Colour Index Number: This is the international system for classifying […]

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Toxicity of Oil Colours (Always Read the Label!)

Ways you can approach the subject. You can assume all paints are toxic, and never paint. You can attempt to take a well balanced view, rather as any competent motorist does when driving a vehicle which could prove potentially lethal. You can stop caring; after all we all have to die sometime. Take religion more […]

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