Travelling with paints

Helpful information for any artist flying with my oil paints. Have your travel concerns answered and download my essential flying with paints letter


Further reading on my pigments and the history behind them.

Homemade Painting Mediums and Recipes

A few recipes on how to make some of your own oils and mediums for your painting.


This section discusses the societies and agencies involved in preserving historical paintings and the factors that affect the longevity of a painting.


A good reference guide for various books that we’re useful to us and will hopefully be useful to you for painting and paint making.

Health And Safety

A few of the do’s and dont’s of painting safety and ways to transport your materials when traveling.

Colour & Technique

Some more technical tips and tricks for painting. This section includes tips on the relationships between colour and light, mediums and mixing, glazing, and a variety of other help sections.

Artist Palette Demonstrations

Learn how to mix the perfect flesh tones and more from Ambassador Vicki Norman

Ask the Colour Man

Listen and read these useful resources covering the essential tips an Artist needs to know from Michael Harding.