Questions Regarding Oleo Resin Medium – PM5

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Question: What is the toxicity of Canada balsam compared to turpentine and mineral spirits? I’m trying to do glaze layers which I find straight oil to be too wrinkly for.

A: Canada balsam medium also contains turpentine, I suggest you paint in a well-ventilated area. Wrinkling occurs when there is to much oil and or to much siccative within the mix if siccative is being added separately, also if applied very thickly with a fast-drying colour.

Question: Is the medium ok to dilute with white spirit?

A: Not really as it will weaken the film strength, a slight amount might be okay. Save the WS for cleaning your brushes as it causes embrittlement.

Michael Harding's Oleo-Resin Medium displayed in a 100ml container

PM5 – Oleo Resin Medium 100 ml, 250 ml, 1 litre

Oleo Resin Medium is a historic glaze medium based on light coloured Canada balsam fused with dammar resin and linseed stand oil. This versatile medium provides high gloss levels while imparting depth to paint films.

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