MH Sample Set

The Michael Harding Set Contains:

These sample colours have been hand-selected by Michael Harding to give you a beautiful introduction to the endless mixing possibilities available when using his paints.

The Michael Harding range contains superb, modern lightfast and ancient oil colours. All of Michael Harding handmade oil paints have incredible tint, concentration and saturation power, unlike any other oil paint. Pigments are finely ground with steel or stone mills, according to the pigment’s properties. The finest oil colours are blended to a buttery, harmonious texture that creates the luminous colours and chroma unique to Michael Harding’s Artist Oil Colours.  ​Fillers are​ not​ used, which maximizes coverage and lightfastness, ensuring colours remain luscious over time. These powerful oil paints have the highest concentration of pigment available today. And artists can be assured of the paint’s longevity because the pigments resist fading by UV light and the oil delivers exceptional film strength.