FAQ – Mediums

Do I need to use mediums with my MH Oil Paints? 

No, you do not need to use a medium with MH Oil Paints. You can use MH straight from the tube without adding any mediums if you wish.

I also make glaze mediums, varnishes, and additional oils to complement my oil paints. These can be used to follow artist’s painting techniques or to achieve a certain finish, should you wish.

Will varnishing a painting stop a painting from crumbling in the future?

No, varnish is just a layer to catch atmospheric dirt. Paint will generally last longer without a medium, as the more things you put into the paint the greater the chance something will go wrong. Sound supports, sound primers, and sound paints are the way to make things last; the varnish is just a temporary coat of protection.

Which oil paint medium is most effective in preventing or minimizing yellowing over time?

To minimise the occurrence of yellowing in your white oil paintings, it’s important to choose oil paint mediums that have a low tendency to yellow over time. Here are a few options you can consider:

1. Refined Linseed Oil: Refined linseed oil is a commonly used medium that tends to have a lower chance of yellowing compared to raw linseed oil. It dries to a clear, flexible film and is compatible with most oil paints.

2. Stand Oil: Stand oil is a thickened form of linseed oil that is heated during the refining process. It has a honey-like consistency and dries to a clear, glossy finish. Stand oil is less prone to yellowing than raw linseed oil but dries more slowly.

3. Safflower Oil: Safflower oil is a pale, low-yellowing oil that can be used as a medium for oil paints. It has a relatively slow drying time and produces a softer, more flexible film compared to linseed oil.

4. Walnut Oil: Walnut oil is another oil medium that has a lower tendency to yellow over time. It dries to a clear, semi-gloss finish and is known for its rich, buttery consistency. Walnut oil has a moderate drying time.

When using these oil mediums, it’s important to note that any oil paint will have some degree of yellowing potential over time due to the nature of the drying process. However, by selecting oil mediums with a lower likelihood of yellowing and taking proper care of your paintings (such as protecting them from direct sunlight and excessive humidity), you can help minimize the yellowing effect.