Michael Harding Artist Materials

Oil Paints

The Michael Harding Oil Paint range contains the finest of the finest pigments, ground in refined cold-pressed linseed oil. Luminous, brilliant colours at very high tint strengths, they are totally free of fillers, extenders or driers, with a texture that’s silky rather than oily.

Paint Sets

A vast selection of our colours combined into numerous sets perfect for sampling our line of colours. There are also custom sets made with the colours of choice of professional artists: Quang Ho, Leon Holmes, and Vicki Norman.

MH Non-Absorbent Acrylic Primer (NAAP)

Non-Absorbent Acrylic Primer

After talking to artists and listening to their needs, I have specifically formulated my primer to be non-absorbent. This means artists will no longer be frustrated by the dullness of paint which has had the oil drawn out resulting in a flat, muted looking paint surfaces. 

Refined Oils and Turpentine

I also have a variety of highly refined oils and turpentine made to complement our oil paint line. Linseed, Walnut, Poppyseed, and Safflower oil.


To complement my oil paints I also produce oil paint mediums. I have six different mediums available that include: our Stand Oil medium, a Dammar Glaze, an Oil Wax-Resin, Beeswax Paste, an Oleo-Resin, and Balsam Resin.

Varnishes and Glazes

To help preserve your paintings after you’ve put the finishing touches on them and let me dry we have varnishes available for you. Our types of varnishes include Dammar and Matt Varnish.

Michael Harding Bermuda Oil Colour set and New Wave Posh pallet.

Paint and Palette Sets

Hand-selected Michael Harding paint sets paired with the excellent New Wave pallets. Choices include any combination of Michael Harding paint sets: Bermuda, Introductory Set and the Modern Master Set, with any of New Wave Pallets: Highland, Posh, and Avant-Garde.