Oils – For Oil Painting

Refined Safflower Oil


Refined Safflower Oil is bright, clean, and one of the highest in colour for oil, a favourite for my Titanium White No. 1.

Safflower oil is a pale, slow-drying oil that can be used to brighten and thin oil paints.

As it is a paler yellow than linseed oil, paler pigments (whites and pale blues especially) maintain their brightness when mixed with safflower oil.

Michael Harding Napthol Red artists' quality oil paint

Guide for Use:

Paints thinned with this product should not be used under faster drying layers,

e.g. fast-drying medium, earth colours, etc.

Safflower oil possesses properties similar to those of poppy oil. However, it forms a more flexible paint film than poppy oil and so is more suited to painting on flexible supports like stretched canvasses. It is also well suited as a glazing oil. Safflower Oil is popular for grinding whites and light-coloured pigments.