Peter Keegan is a professional artist living and working in Buckinghamshire, UK, specialising in portraiture. Working in oils, Peter follows traditional techniques but uses them in a way to depict the people and scenes he meets in a modern and original style. His aim is to always create a painting or drawing that reflects the subject’s likeness and personality, as well as capturing those special elements which make the subject truly “them”.


Peter is also the director of The Courtyard Art Studio situated next door to his own working studio at the National Trust’s Claydon House Estate, Buckinghamshire, where he teaches painting and drawing. Peter also leads highly popular art demonstrations and workshops for art groups and societies across the UK.



Peter’s work can be found in both private and public collections with some of his work listed as part of the Public Catalogue Foundation. Peter is a member of the Visual Images Group, an elected member of the Buckinghamshire Art Society and regularly writes for art editorials.


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