“My paintings are about impact and strength. I wanted more colour, more depth and more texture. Michael Harding Oil Paints give me all this and I feel energised and further enthused by this new working relationship and revered position”. Lincoln Townley
Las Vegas Dream by Lincoln Townley
Lincoln Townley is a leading contemporary artist whose distinctive style has earned him an international reputation and led to his work being exhibited in some of the world’s most prestigious galleries. Last year, his Disappearing Soho Collection was launched at the National Gallery in London and his W1 Collection was exhibited at the Royal Academy.
Screaming Faces by Lincoln Townley
Townley’s collection of distinctive portraits of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars entitled ICONS are proving to be his trademark pieces. They are currently being displayed at a chain of luxury Hilton Hotels throughout the UK where Townley has been appointed Artist in Residence. A selection of portraits in this popular Collection include Charlie Sheen, Jack Nicholson, Nick Nolte, Harry Dean Stanton and John Cleese.
In 2016 a UK production company will be filming a documentary about Townley’s rise as an artist and will also cover his ICONS collection show at The Royal Academy in June 2016. An additional show branded Retrospective will be held at The Saatchi Galllery in October.
Lincoln Townley Artwork
He continues to be the BAFTA LA resident artist after painting the six honorees of The Britannia Awards in 2015 and he will be doing the same for BAFTA LA in 2016. Townley enjoys nothing more than creating art and experimenting with colours at his workshop (consisting of a double garage) at his home in Cheshire.
Lincoln Townley Home

Lincoln Townley Instagram
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