Visionary Impressionist

Jennifer’s main goal is to put a magical piece of beautiful artwork in your hands that you will cherish for this life, and others in future lives. This pursuit is a constant goal and she says “A path with no end.” So, the adventure begins. 

“I am an avid learner- you can see it in my art. I am in a constant change and evolution as a human, and so is my art.  I think we should all have fun exploring life, art, and the mystical ways of the life around us. I feel being creative, imaginative and in touch with our inner and outer worlds helps us as creators of art.

I was born with a curious nature and a desire for peace, love and wisdom. I believe art is a teacher as well as a product of this curiosity. I have incorporated my path to learning about life in my art in various subject matter. Along with my art life, I became a primordial sound meditation teacher in 2017 and in 2020 I went to India to learn more about yogic breathing and its role in art. I visited many temples and ashrams while I was there. I am forever changed by all my experiences, Hardiwar, India being the most recent one abroad.” – J.S Taylor

Jennifer Stottle Taylor

Workshops and Online Classes