Representational oil painter Bill Suys especially loves bringing life to ‘people and other animals’ and is known for his sensitive treatment of both. Suys’s ready appreciation for the nuanced personalities of individuals – both human and otherwise – has brought him inspiration as well as recognition, and his passion for lifelong learning keeps him devoted to building a body of work that will, in his words, “Stand the test of time.”

Bill drew constantly as a kid, covering all paper surfaces and grade school test margins with airplanes and helicopters. He once escaped an expected scolding when the nun instead tapped his ‘art’- covered notebook and whispered, “Keep that up!”. He has.

Oil painting of an artist at Fort Concho, painted by Bill Suys in Michael Harding oils

Frontier Artist at Fort Concho

Bill Suys takes a ‘no excuses’ approach to both life and career, so he works hard at continual improvement in order to build a body of work that makes grateful use of the gift he was given. Bill and his wife Kristin live in Wisconsin’s picturesque Kettle Moraine and often visit their cabin on Door County’s Washington Island.

Painting of a girl in fine clothing waiting for the fair. Created by Bill Suys with Michael Harding oils and entitled "Awaitingthe Faire"

Awaiting the faire


Suys continues to distill his vision toward primarily figurative work – human and animal – as well as conceptual realism and the occasional surprise. If Bill goes missing, he might have snuck off to a plein air event or could be out prowling the countryside for animals and architecture he’d like to paint, but most of the time, Bill can be found in his studio, music playing, at the easel.


Pink hour at midday



I believe a successful piece of art – representational or abstract, painting or sculpture – creates its own special environment. Viewers do more than simply look at the work, they become personally involved in it. The most successful work can be measured by its ability to compel the viewer into its environment and to touch emotions in a unique and timeless way. The best work will stay fresh and compelling forever.

The blank canvas gives me absolute freedom to create. I have the same opportunity afforded past artists from Leonardo to Sargent. I plan to take maximum advantage of this opportunity to deliver work that possesses its own artistic heart and soul.

I am committed to artistic excellence, lifelong improvement, and to creating a body of work that will stand the test of time.

~ Bill Suys


Official State Portrait of Governor Scott McCallum painted by Bill Suys using Michael Harding oil paints

Governor Scott McCallum official state portrait


Painting entitled "return to the earth" of a rusting car in a field. Painted by Bill Suys using Michael Harding oils

Return to the earth


Oil painting of a brass horn and butterfly on a door entitled "Eyes and Sound". Painted by Bill Suys using Michael Harding oils

Eyes and Sound



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