Steve Salo

J.S Taylor – MH Ambassador

Will Rochfort

Oil painting of horses under a tree titled "Gathered in the shade" by artist Haidee-Jo Summers

Haidee-Jo Summers – MH Ambassador

Marshall Jones – MH Ambassador

Todd M Casey – MH Ambassador

Henrik Uldalen – MH Ambassador

High Chroma painting Phillips Mill Creek in Winter by Michael Harding Ambassador George Gallo.

George Gallo – MH Ambassador

C. W. Mundy – MH Ambassador

Dagmar Cyrulla – MH Ambassador

A view of a waterfall titled "Bright Morning, Timberline Falls" by Kathleen Hudson, Grand Prize Winner-6th Plein Air Salon, 18x14, oil on linen

Kathleen Hudson – MH Ambassador

Peter Keegan – MH Ambassador

Oil painting by artist Leon Holmes. A figure wearing a headscarf and carrying a basket w

Leon Holmes – MH Ambassador

Oil painting of a Norfolk landscape titled "Last Light, Clippesby" by artist Vicki Norman

Vicki Norman – MH Ambassador

Tim Wilson – MH Ambassador

Oil Painting by artist Rupert Alexander

Rupert Alexander – MH Ambassador

Ben Winspear – MH Ambassador

Mark Shasha – MH Ambassador

Portrait of the Queen by artist Isobel Peachey

Isobel Peachey

Artwork in oils by Lincoln Townley

Lincoln Townley – MH Ambassador

Oil painting by Samuel Condon

Samuel Condon

Tim Rees – MH Ambassador

Suns Last Touch, Kandos by Kasey Sealy

Kasey Sealy – MH Ambassador

Dario Falzon – MH Ambassador

Aldo Balding – MH Ambassador

Scott Nickerson – MH Ambassador

Oil painting by artist David Boyd Jr. Old house with crumbling porch.

David Boyd Jr – MH Ambassador

Bill Suys – MH Ambassador

A chromatic oil painting by artist Ricky Mujica. A family walking or escaping through a wood

Ricky Mujica – MH Ambassador

Jessica Oliver – MH Ambassador

Oil painting titled "Reverie" by artist Jeremy Lipking. Oil painting of a child in blue velvet.

Jeremy Lipking – MH Ambassador

Clifford How – MH Ambassador

Chris Rivers – MH Ambassador

Kenneth Weinfurtner

Timothy Joseph Allen

Georg Wilson

Oil painting self portrait called "Forty Day Beard" by Michael Harding Ambassador Alexey Steele

Alexey Steele

Brendan Kelly

Daniel Elliot

Morgan Penn

Susie Dureau

Stuart Fullerton

Historic Death Valley Charcoal Kilns 9x12, Oil on Linen Panel

Carolyn Kollegger

Roger Colson

Craig Elliott

Oliver Winconek

Nanci France-Vaz

Anna Clare Lees-Buckley

Andrew Barrowman

Michael Munroe

Godfrey Blow

Chris Dawson

Roger Harvey

MILKY WAY, oil on canvas 2015, 170 x 220 cm by Tamara Piilola

Tamara Piilola

Anita Blanchett

Blossom Lane by Sterling Hoffmann, Oil painting

Sterling Hoffmann

Messenger 1 by artist Jacques Bartels, oil painting of a deer with antlers

Jacques Bartels

Whitney Kurlan painting of Gemsbock duelling, oil on linen

Whitney Kurlan

Photo Booth Selfie by Jonathan Yeo. Oil painting of a figure in sunglasses

Jonathan Yeo

Oil painting by David Hockney

David Hockney

Down by the River by Jenny Shaw-Browne. Oil painting of a river with boats on the shoreline and on the bank

Jenny Shaw-Browne

I Couldn't Save You by Emily Jane Campbell, oil on canvas

Emily Jane Campbell

Hebridean Morning, Garyvard by David Smith. Oil painting of a harbour, houses and headland

David Smith

Bridge by Fernando Velazquez

Fernando Velazquez

Zbar by artist Nathan Walsh, oil painting

Nathan Walsh

Dreaming of LG by artist Bridget Moore

Bridget Moore

Oil painting titled Gary by artist Andrea Malone

Andrea Malone

Oil Painting Cluster of Pines by Patricia S. Gordon

Patricia S. Gordon

Vermillon Lobster by Ben Henriques

Ben Henriques

Oil painting of Oranges and Grapes on Deft Plate by Michael Sangster

Michael Sangster

Joanne Webb

Oil Painting titled "Misfits II" by artist Billy Seccombe

Billy Seccombe

Made in Japan by Stefano Agostini. Oil painting of a bowl with walnuts.

Stefano Agostini

Oil painting of "a Nude" by Robbie Wraith

Robbie Wraith

Oil Painting by Simon Canacott

Simon Canacott

An oil painting by Rippingham Art.

Rippingham Art

A painting by Paolo Tagliaferro.

Paolo Tagliaferro

A Philip Barlow Painting

Philip Barlow

A painting by Maria Ines Aguirre

Maria Ines Aguirre

A painting by Oliver Akers Douglas

Oliver Akers Douglas

Dalai Lama by Leo Mancini-Hresko. Oil painting portrait of the Dalai Lama

Leo Mancini-Hresko

A landscape by Margherita Muller.

Margherita Muller

Kathryn Thomas

An oil painting by Edward B. Gordon. A portrait of a women sitting

Edward B. Gordon

A Charles Church oil painting or a racehorse

Charles Church

An Andrew Hirst painting

Andrew Hirst

An Anne Corless oil Painting

Anne Corless

An Andrew Hewkin Painting

Andrew Hewkin

How Cancer saved my life.

John D. Edwards

A Neil Harvey Painting

Neil Harvey