Indanthrone Blue (No. 313)


Indanthrone Blue is a truly beautiful blue, invented in 1901 as a synthetic dye that has great resistance to
fading. Its popularity in colour came about because of the strong fading resistance and the need for it in the
automotive industry.

I am personally attracted to it because it is inky and very interesting! This colour of blue is an essential for
those wishing to expand their understanding and meaning of such a hypnotic shade. Blue can have a strong
psychological effect on artists be it from the shades of Lapis Lazuli through intense Phthalocyanines to the
shade of Indanthrone Blue. When I recently painted a nocturn using my Indanthrone Blue it fulfilled my needs,
producing an almost narcotic effect upon me like a poetic musical note!

MH Indanthrone Blue is a strong inter-mixer. I so enjoy getting little surprises of colour when mixing with
whites, yellows, and reds. Because my oil paints are not compromised by driers, fillers or extenders mixing a
few colours together lead to interesting colour outcomes! Try it!

Colour IndexPB60
Oil ContentHigh
Tint PowerAverage to High
ASTM D-4236 ✔

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