Tim Rees – MH Ambassador

Why Tim uses Michael Harding Artist Materials:  

I have worked with (and struggled with) oil paint of all qualities throughout my career.  As a teacher, I have experienced an even bigger range of brands and qualities as I tried to help my students muddle through inconsistent viscosities, muted color, and dramatic color shift while drying.  Then, a few years ago I picked up a set of Michael Harding paints, and I finally understood how oil paint is supposed to behave; how it worked for the masters of the past.

The consistency has just enough oil to lay down on the canvas without the need for mediums, yet still lends itself to a huge variety of painting techniques.  The feel of the paint on the brush is smooth, and as it presses against a well oil primed canvas you understand why and how the masters of the past painted with such materials.  The most shocking new experience was the power of the color.  As soon as I began using MH oil paints I began to use less paint!  A small amount of paint easily shifts a color mixture, even if that mixture starts out as gray or “muddy.”  The lack of fillers in the paint allows for this ease of mixture, as well as preventing the paint on the palette from drying out prematurely.  These two factors have contributed to me going through far less tubes of paint.  Even painting on a daily basis, I have some large tubes of paint that have lasted several years!  And of course, because there are no fillers, the paint in those tubes are still in perfect condition.

An unbelievable range of gorgeous pigments, a perfect oil paint feel, and color that packs a punch while lasting a long time; there is no way I’ll go back to other paints after trying Michael Harding Oils.

About Tim:

In 2009 Tim Rees picked up his first set of oil paints and never looked back.  He moved to Chicago in September of that year to paint at the historic Palette and Chisel Academy. In 2010 he held his first solo show at the P&C, where he was well-received. Chris Miller stated in a review of the show:  “He pulls these strong compositions together like he’s been doing it his entire life.” After just a year and a half, he joined the staff of instructors and began teaching drawing and painting classes. He soon began teaching figurative and landscape painting workshops, including a week-long intensive in the south of France at the age of 26.  He has won several awards, including the Palette and Chisel’s People’s Choice award at the annual Gold Medal Exhibition, Southwest Art Magazine’s “Artists to Watch”, and Fine Art Studio Online’s Bold Brush Award.   He has also been in several publications, including features in American Art Collector Magazine, International Artist, and Southwest Art Magazine.

Timothy believes in drawing as the root of strong painting, and is proficient in many mediums, from charcoal to ballpoint pen.  “Drawing teaches us most of what we need to know about painting:  the shapes, values, edges, and composition- everything except color and paint application.” With this in mind he developed a method of charcoal drawing quick sketches that allows him to go beyond gestures and tackle all of these drawing issues, prompting many to say his drawings look like beautiful monochromatic paintings.

He puts higher stress on compositional beauty rather than hidden symbolism, and prefers to allow the design, color, and edgework to tell the story of his paintings, from simple vignettes or still lifes to the energetic glimpses of his plein air landscapes.  Technique is paramount to reproducing an idea, and with that comes a thoughtful, logical approach to executing a painting.  “Just because a painting looks energetic or done with ease does not mean it should be done haphazardly.  I think a lot about each brushstroke and try to encourage students to do the same.  It’s easier to take your time and get it right than spend the entire time fixing mistakes.”

Timothy currently lives in Arizona and teaches the traditional apprentice format and curriculum at Rees Atelier.

Contact the Artist

For information on paintings for sale, commissions, classes and workshops, to arrange a visit to Rees Atelier, or general inquiries, please email Tim@ReesFineArt.com

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