Sustainable Art Materials

At Michael Harding Art Formulas we are part of a global effort that ensures raw materials are sourced and obtained in an ethical manner.

We focus on sourcing materials from parts of the world from companies that align to our global environmental ethos;

  • Commitment to reduce the impact art materials has on the global environment.
  • Ensure suppliers and their supply chains do not source DRC conflict minerals.
  • Raw material suppliers provide a confirmed statement that their products do not support conflict, slave labour, child labour, environmental or human rights violations.
  • Michael Harding will source alternative raw materials if a supplier is unwilling to comply.

Vegan Products

There are no shellacs, dairy or insects used in our products. 

We understand that art materials that are cruelty-free or without the use of animal products is a growing concern for many artists. For this reason, the items listed below are free from animal-derived ingredients.


Titanium White No. 1 (No. 101)
Foundation White (No. 225)
Stack Lead White (No. 703)
Lead Tin Yellow Light (No. 512)
Yellow Lake (No. 110)
Cadmium Yellow (No. 402)
Cadmium Golden Yellow (No. 403)
Michael Harding Indian Yellow artist's oil paint
Indian Yellow (No. 203)
Michael Harding Permanent Orange artists' quality oil paint
Permanent Orange (No. 222)
Scarlet Lake (No. 205)
Michael Harding Cadmium Red Deep artist's oil paint
Cadmium Red Deep (No. 505)
Michael Harding Crimson Lake artist's oil paint
Crimson Lake (No. 406)
Michael Harding Brilliant Pink artist's oil paint
Brilliant Pink (No. 207)
Michael Harding Cobalt Violet Dark artist's oil paint
Cobalt Violet Dark (No. 602)
Michael Harding Ultramarine Violet artist's oil paint
Ultramarine Violet (No. 208)
Indigo (No. 228)
Michael Harding Lapis Lazuli oil paint
Lapis Lazuli (No. 702)
Michael Harding Cerulean Blue artist's oil paint
Cerulean Blue (No. 603)
Cobalt Teal Blue Shade (No. 516)
Michael Harding Phthalocyanine Turquoise artist's oil paint
Phthalocyanine Turquoise (No. 210)
Michael Harding Oxide of Chromium artists' quality oil paint
Oxide of Chromium (No. 305)
Michael Harding Cobalt Deep Green artist's oil paint
Cobalt Green Deep (No. 508)
Michael Harding Phthalocyanine Green Lake artist's oil paint
Phthalocyanine Green Lake (No. 213)
Terre Verte (No. 115)
Michael Harding's Unbleached Titanium Dioxide artist's oil paint
Unbleached Titanium Dioxide (No. 117)
Michael Harding Naples Yellow artists' quality oil paint
Naples Yellow (No. 218)
Michael Harding Transparent Oxide Yellow artists' quality oil paint
Transparent Oxide Yellow (No. 219)
Michael Harding Italian Brown Ochre 223
Italian Brown Ochre (No. 223)
Michael Harding's Indian Red artist's oil paint
Indian Red (No. 123)
Michael Harding Burnt Umber artist's oil paint
Burnt Umber (No. 126)
Michael Harding Vine Black artist's oil paint
Vine Black (No. 135)
Titanium White (No. 2 102)
Cremnitz White No. 2 (No. 307)
Warm White Lead Alternative (No. 137)
Lead Tin Yellow Lemon (No. 514)
Cadmium Yellow Lemon (No. 401)
Aureolin (No. 501)
Quinacridone Gold (No. 411)
Yellow Lake Deep (No. 202)
Michael Harding Cadmium Red Light artist's oil paint
Cadmium Red Light (No. 503)
Michael Harding Napthol Red artists' quality oil paint
Napthol Red (No. 301)
Michael Harding's Alizarin Crimson artist's oil paint
Alizarin Crimson (No. 302)
Michael Harding Rose Madder artists' quality oil paint
Rose Madder (No. 608)
Quinacridone Rose Artist's Oil paint
Quinacridone Rose (No. 311)
Michael Harding Manganese Violet artists' quality oil paint
Manganese Violet (No. 304)
Michael Harding's Deep Purple artist's oil paint
Deep Purple (No. 312)
Michael Harding Phthalocyanine Blue Lake artist's oil paint
Phthalocyanine Blue Lake (No. 209)
Michael Harding Cobalt Blue artist's oil paint
Cobalt Blue (No. 506)
Phthalocyanine Blue & TW (No. 114)
Michael Harding Cobalt Teal artist's oil paint
Cobalt Teal (No. 513)
Caribbean Turquoise (No. 229)
Michael Harding viridian artists' quality oil paint
Viridian (No. 511)
Bright Green Lake (No. 116)
Permanent Green Light (No. 215)
Michael Harding Italian Green Umber artist's oil paint
Italian Green Umber (No. 132)
Genuine Naples Yellow Light (No. 605)
Michael Harding's Yellow Ochre Deep artist's oil paint
Yellow Ochre Deep (No. 118)
French Yellow Ochre (No. 133)
Michael Harding's Burnt Sienna artist's oil paint
Burnt Sienna (No. 125)
Michael Harding Transparent Oxide Red artists' quality oil paint
Transparent Oxide Red (No. 220)
Michael Harding Transparent Oxide Brown artists' quality oil paint
Transparent Oxide Brown (No. 224)
Michael Harding Lamp Black artist's oil paint
Lamp Black (No. 128)
Titanium White (No.3 130)
Cremnitz White No. 1 (No. 308)
Warm Light Yellow (No. 226)
Lemon Yellow (No. 108)
Bright Yellow Lake (No. 109)
Cadmium Yellow Deep (No. 404)
Michael Harding Indian Yellow Red Shade artist's oil paint
Indian Yellow Red Shade (No. 204)
Cadmium Orange (No. 502)
Michael Harding Cadmium Red artist's oil paint
Cadmium Red (No. 504)
Michael Harding Genuine Chinese Vermillion artist's oil paint
Genuine Chinese Vermilion (No. 701)
Michael Harding's Alizarin Claret artist's oil paint
Alizarin Claret (No. 310)
Michael Harding Magenta artist' quality oil paint
Magenta (No. 303)
Michael Harding Cobalt Violet Light artist's oil paint
Cobalt Violet Light (No. 601)
Michael Harding's Amethyst artist oil paint
Amethyst (No. 309)
Michael Harding's Prussian Blue artist's oil paint
Prussian Blue (No. 112)
Michael Harding's Ultramarine Blue artist's oil paint
Ultramarine Blue (No. 113)
Pale Violet artist's oil paint
Pale Violet (No. 227)
Kings Blue Light (No. 211)
Kings Blue Deep (No. 212)
Michael Harding Cobalt Turquoise Deep artist's oil paint
Cobalt Turquoise Deep (No. 507)
Michael Harding Permanent Sap Green artists' quality oil paint
Permanent Sap Green (No. 217)
Michael Harding Pthalocyanine Green Yellow Shade artists' quality oil paint
Phthalo Green Yellow Shade (No. 214)
Michael Harding Emerald Green artist's oil paint
Emerald Green (No. 216)
Swatch of Michaewl Harding Green Gold oil colour
Green Gold (No. 410)
Genuine Naples Yellow Dark (No. 606)
Yellow Ochre (No. 119)
Michael Harding's Raw Sienna artist's oil paint
Raw Sienna (No. 120)
Michael Harding's Venetian Red artist's oil paint
Venetian Red (No. 122)
Michael Harding's Red Umber artist's oil paint
Red Umber (No. 124)
Michael Harding Vandyke Brown artist's oil paint
Vandyke Brown (No. 134)


PM7 – Oleo Impasto Medium 225ml, 250ml, 1000ml




My new Oleo Impasto Medium is a gel made from fumed silica and linseed oil which imparts great luminosity, particularly with transparent colours.

It has an average drying speed and increases the transparency of oil colours. Pigment can be added and ground to make your own oil paints. It has a pleasant linseed oil smell

You can add it with a brush or knife, in varying amounts, to achieve extra body.

Over the years, many artists have asked for ways to extend the paint. This is, of course, something that I frown upon because there are many products on the market which make the paint more vulnerable by adding extenders. But seeing that artists want a good product to address their needs I decided to formulate something to my liking.

If you mix it with Quinacridone Gold…WOW…. need I say more?

PM6 – Balsam Resin Glaze Medium 100 ml, 250 ml, 1 litre  VEGAN

Similar to PM5 but dries faster: Another historic paint medium, based on Austrian larch turpentine (also called Venice Turpentine) combined with dammar resin and linseed stand oil.  Larch or Venice turpentine adds a wonderful gloss, almost enamel-like, to oil paints.  This Balsam resin glaze medium can be added to your oil colours to enhance the depth, gloss and lustre of your paints. It smells wonderful!

Dammar Resin, Austrian Larch Turpentine, Linseed Stand oil, Double rectified turpentine

Recommendation: Add 5-10% to your neat oil colour as required

PM2 – Dammar Glaze Medium 100 ml, 250 ml, 1 litre  VEGAN

PM2 is a very traditional glaze medium which includes a small portion of siccative to aid drying.  It is designed to create gloss and depth within your oil paint layers.  Made by dissolving dammar crystals into the finest Portuguese maritime turpentine which is then combined with stand oil.

Dammar Glaze Medium is known for its speedy drying time of oil colours; use with slower-drying colours.

Dammar resin, linseed stand oil, Double rectified turpentine and Cobalt Siccative 2%

This is a light-sensitive product so store in a cool dark place

Recommendation: Add 10-20% to neat oil colour as required

PM1 – Oil Paint Medium 100 ml, 250 ml, 1 litre  VEGAN

PM1 is a basic paint medium, designed to increase the flow of your oil paints.  This paint medium will also increase the gloss and transparency of your colours which will add to the depth and beauty of your pigment colour.  The inclusion of Linseed stand oil in the recipe of this oil based medium prevents the “yellowing” of your paint film.

This medium is a linseed stand oil, turpentine, formulation that prevents yellowing of paint film.

Recommendation: Add 10-20% to your oil colour as you require


V1 – Dammar Varnish 100 ml, 250 ml, 1 litre  VEGAN

This versatile varnish creates a subtle gloss finish. Our Dammar Varnish is made from the best quality dammar resin from Thailand dissolved in double rectified Portuguese maritime turpentine, then carefully filtered.

Use it to bring out the best in opaque and semi-opaque colours.

How to use:

Apply this varnish as a final picture varnish to thoroughly dried oil paint, after a drying period of six months minimum and if the paint is very thick one year.

Please ensure you are working in a well-ventilated space.


Refined Poppyseed Oil


Poppyseed oil is used particularly incorporated with whites and light blues for its non-yellowing nature as a medium.  It is a slower drying oil with a paint film not quite as strong as Linseed and Safflower oils. It was used from the 15th Century onwards and originated in the low countries of Europe.

Available in 3 sizes: 100ml, 250ml and 1 litre.

Refined Walnut Oil


A lovely oil that is used in my Cremnitz White No. 307. The film cures clean and bright.

Available in 3 sizes: 100ml, 250ml and 1 litre.

Refined Safflower Oil


Bright, clean, one of the highest in colour for oil, a favourite for my Titanium White no. 1. Note, safflower oil is a slow drying oil.

Available in 3 sizes: 100ml, 250ml and 1 litre.

Refined Linseed Stand Oil


You can add linseed oil to your oil paints to increase flow however an excess will lead to some apparent yellowing due to the natural colour of the oil. Applying the paint layers thinly is then seen as desirable to avoid other defects of excess such as wrinkling.

Available in 3 sizes: 100ml, 250ml and 1 litre.

Refined Pale Linseed Oil


Our very own linseed oil! We use linseed oil because it produces the strongest of paint films thus helping to ensure the longevity of your oil painting.

Available in 3 sizes: 100ml, 250ml and 1 litre.

Refined Gum Turpentine


Previously referred to as Michael Harding Refined Portuguese TurpentineRefined Gum Turpentine is a colourless solvent distilled from pine sap. It is used to thin oil paint and to clean various printmaking tools of oil-based ink.

Non-Absorbent Acrylic Primer


  • Titanium Buff
  • Olive Green
  • Raw Sienna (semi opaque)
  • Burnt Sienna (semi opaque)
  • Raw Sienna (transparent)
  • Burnt Sienna (transparent)
  • Black
  • Clear Transparent
  • White