New Colours

As a colourman, I am constantly looking for new pigments and new colours to inspire and equip the artist with the best and most beautiful paints.

Warm White Lead White Alternative (no. 137)
Warm White Lead Alternative (No. 137)
Warm Light Yellow (No. 226)
Alizarin Claret (No. 310)
Quinacridone Rose (No. 311)
Amethyst (No. 309)
Deep Purple (No. 312)
Pale Violet (No. 229)
Cobalt Teal (No. 513)
Green Gold (No. 410)
Italian Brown Ochre (No. 223)
Transparent Brown Oxide (No. 224)
Neutral Grey N5 (No. 136)

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New Artist Materials

I am continually developing, testing and releasing new artist materials so I can provide products in keeping with the standards of the Old Masters.   We now offer palette and paint sets and a non-absorbant acrylic primer; as well as a range of oils and mediums:

Poppyseed Oil
Walnut Oil
Safflower Oil
Linseed Stand Oil
Linseed Oil
Portuguese Maritime Turpentine

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Michael Harding Portuguese Maritime Turpentine Portuguese Maritime Turpentine artists turpentine

Vicki Norman demonstrating our new Quinacridone Rose

Homemade Painting Mediums & Recipes

Refined Linseed oil artist's medium

If you have considered making your own mediums or glazes, then our oils and varnishes are ideal ingredients.  View our recipes in our Resources and Advice pages.

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