Paint & Palette Sets

Experience an artist’s paint and palette set of the highest caliber.

Using techniques which date back to the old masters, Michael Harding Handmade Artists Oil Colours are made in England. The colours utilize the highest possible concentration of pigment content, and no fillers, producing a vibrant oil paint that is not only beautiful, but also durable and resistant to fading.

New Wave® artist palettes are made in a small Pennsylvania (USA) wood shop, and come pre-finished with a proprietary formula that is resistant to water, standard artist mediums & solvents, and easily cleaned. Attention has been placed into every detail; from wood selection, to design, sanding, branding and finishing.

Sets are available through fine art retailers in Europe, United Kingdom, and select North American retailers.

Choose from any combination of one Michael Harding paint set and one New Wave artist palette:

Michael Harding paint sets:

  1. Introductory Set (40ml tubes): Titanium White Series 1, Yellow Lake Series 1, Yellow Ochre Deep Series 1, Scarlet Lake Series 2, Burnt Umber Series 1, Ultramarine Blue Series 1
  2. Bermuda/Tropical Set (40ml tubes): Warm White Series 1, Brilliant Pink Series 2, Yellow Lake Series 1, Bright Green Lake Series 1, Phthalo Blue & Zinc White Series 1, Cobalt Teal Series 5
  3. Modern Masters Set (40ml tubes): Warm White Series 1, Warm Light Yellow Series 2, Italian Green Umber Series 1, Cadmium Red Series 5, Alizarin Claret Series 3, Ultramarine Blue Series 1


New Wave artist palettes:
Highland® palette held in left hand / 11”x16” (shown with a Bermuda/Tropical paint set)
(for right handed artists)
Michael Harding Bermuda-Tropical paint set and New Wave Highland Palette


Avant-Garde® palette held in left hand / 11”x16” (shown with an Introductory paint set)
(for right handed artists)
Michael Harding Introductory paint set + New Wave Avant Garde palette


POSH® table top palette Grey Toned / 12”x16” (shown with a Bermuda/Tropical paint set)

Michael Harding Bermuda paintm set + New Wave Posh palette