Patricia S. Gordon

Oil Painting Cluster of Pines by Patricia S. Gordon

“My work is an expression of my emotions, sensed and reflected from my surrounding environment. Inspired by the visions of tonalist painters, both contemporary and historical, I follow an intuitive process, working with layers of oil paint and glazing, to move beyond the exact physical manifestation of reality to portray the essential elements emanating from the rural landscape. There is an underlying sense of awe, wonder and curiosity guiding me through this process and leading me into places I have seen, felt, and remember. My paintings are a juxtaposition of a world which exists and is visible with one created from imagination, process, and yearning for the intangible.”

-Patricia S. Gordon

Oil painting The Mystery by artist Patricia S. Gordon

The Mystery

Growing up near the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, Patricia acquired a love for her natural surroundings at an early age. Her passion has always been drawing and painting, and she graduated from The College of William and Mary with a B.A. Degree in Fine Arts. Her love of tonalist landscapes, in particular the spiritual intensity and visionary emotion of George Inness’ later work, has been a major influence in her current style and direction.

Oil Painting Cluster Of Pines by artist Patricia S. Gordon

Cluster Of Pines

Working with layers of oil paint and medium, she creates paintings which reflect a dreamlike state – a trance, an escape from reality into a soft, intuitive world full of possibility and wisdom. She loves delving into the deeper meaning in a simple scene and conveying the emotion deeply embedded into the place. Her work ranges from quiet, contemplative scenes to vast sweeping vistas with active cloud formations swirling overhead.
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