Nathan Walsh

Zbar by artist Nathan Walsh, oil painting

Nathan Walsh



Lincoln, United Kingdom

Currently resides in York, England.


MA Fine Art University of Hull

BA Hons Fine Art Liverpool School of Art

My work is an exploration of the urban landscape which celebrates major cities and their inhabitants.

I’m fascinated by the chaotic nature of the modern city, the act of painting being an attempt to ‘fix’ this chaos. My paintings are not an exact record of a particular time or place more a composite of information recorded over a period of activity. Buildings and people are drawn and re-drawn, landmarks shifted and a new visual language imposed onto familiar locations. The result is hopefully an alternative reality, one which is determined by laws I impose on it.

Chicago in the rain by Artist Nathan Walsh

Chicago in the rain – 129 x 183 cm

Colour is vital to establishing this new reality. Colour relationships are heightened and manipulated the intention being to present a vibrant and shifting visual experience.

The material qualities of paint are also explored, surfaces built up, sanded back, glazed over and built up again. The surfaces become a complex history of mark making which are in themselves independent of our world.

The use of Michael Harding’s oil paint has been essential to my inquiry. Over the years I’ve tried all the other major paint manufacturers and nothing comes close to their intensity, covering power, and permanence. I can take a variety of approaches within one painting, depending on what I’m trying to describe. Michael Harding’s paints allow me the freedom to do this with great confidence. Colour mixing is fluid and with little practice a range of subtlety nuanced effects can be achieved.

I’ve been exhibiting my paintings worldwide since 2005, including shows in London, Paris, Melbourne, Zurich, Seoul, Miami, and California.

I am currently preparing work for a solo exhibition at the Bernarducci Meisel Gallery in NYC which will open February 2017.

Rockefeller by artist Nathan Walsh

Rockefeller – 160 x 223 cm

Selected Exhibitions

Cityscape Paintings: Looking From the Outside In Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, New York Group Show 2015

True Colours Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, New York Group Show 2015

Art Silicon Valley Miami / Art Fair 2014

Photorealism: Street View Scott Richards Contemporary Art, San Francisco Group Show 2013

Nathan Walsh Recent Work Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, New York Solo Show 2013

‘Changing Perspectives’ CHI Conference, Paris 2013

‘Winter Exhibition’ Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, NYC 2012

‘British Realism Now’, Metro Gallery, Australia 2012

‘Moorhouse’ , Albemarle Gallery, London, 2012

‘What kind of real?’, Albemarle Gallery, London 2011

‘Summer Collective’, Albemarle Gallery, London 2011

KIAF 11 Korean International Art Fair, Seoul, Korea 2011

‘Hyper-Realism’ Albemarle Gallery, London 2011

‘One Canada Square’, Albemarle Gallery, London 2010

‘Kunst Zurich’, Persterer Fine Art, Switzerland 2010

‘Christmas Exhbition’ Persterer Fine Art, Switzerland 2010

‘Winter Show’ Albemarle Gallery, London 2009

‘Summer Show’ Albemarle Gallery, London 2009

‘Spring Show’ Albemarle Gallery, London 2009

‘New Realism’ Persterer Fine Art, Switzerland 2009

‘Realism’ WH Patterson Gallery, London 2008

‘The Drawing Schools’ Eton College, London 2008

‘Scarborough Realists Now’ Scarborough Museum, 2008

‘Nathan Walsh New Works’ SW1 Gallery, London 2007

‘Christmas Exhibition’ Persterer Fine Art, Switzerland 2007

‘Summer Exhibition’ SW1 Gallery, London, 2006

‘Art Chicago’ Lois Lambert Gallery, California, 2005

‘Strictly Visual’ Lois Lambert Gallery, California, 2005

‘New Works’ Pilgrim Gallery, London 2005

‘Art London’ Plus One Gallery, London 2004

‘Exactitude’ Plus One Gallery, London 2003

‘Art London’ Plus One Gallery. London 2003

‘Art London’ Archeus Fine Art, London 2002

‘Summer Show’ Archeus Fine Art, London 2002

‘Ideal States’ Pilgrim Gallery, London 2002

‘Three Realists’ Pilgrim Gallery, London 2002

‘Summer Show’ Archeus Fine Art, London 2001

‘Works on paper’ Royal College of Art, London 2000

‘Group Dynamics’ Blackheath Gallery, London 2000

’20/21st Century British Art’, Royal College of Art, London 2000

‘Summer Collection’ Blackheath Gallery, London 2000

‘British Painting’ Lambeth Palace, London 1996

‘Royal Academy Summer Show’ London 1996

‘Royal Institute of British Artists’ Mall Galleries, London 1996

‘New English Art Club’ Mall Galleries, London 1996

Zbar by artist Nathan Walsh


Selected Publications

Bureau of Arts and Culture Magazine

Les Yeux Brouilles issue 1

Aesthetica Art Prize anthology

Photorealism in the Digital Age, Louis K. Meisel

British Art since 1945, Ed. David Buckham

What Kind of Real? Catalogue Edward Lucie Smith

Market Magazine 2011 ‘New Realism’ Tom

Huffington Post ’10 Memorable Paintings from 2011′ John Seed

‘The New Certainty’ – Michael Paraskos

Huffington Post ‘Painterly vs. Precise’ John Seed

‘Nathan Walsh’ Poets and Artists Magazine

‘Nathan Walsh’ Beyond Magazine

Business Traveller ‘ What Kind of Real?’

‘New Painters’ Lizzie Guilfoyle for Indie London

‘Ideal States’ Standpoint Magazine

‘Is your artwork really necessary?’ Michael Paraskos

Galleries Magazine – Gregory Williams

AN Magazine

‘Scarborough Realists Now’ Catalogue Michael Paraskos

‘Exactitude’ Catalogue John Russel Taylor

‘This is London’ Magazine Julie Jones

‘Constructing Space’ SW1 Exhibition Catalogue – Michael Paraskos

Galleries Magazine – Nicholas Usherwood

Art of England ‘Scarborough Realists’

New Statesman SW1 Exhibition Review

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