Michael Sangster

Oil painting of Oranges and Grapes on Deft Plate by Michael Sangster

Infinite Variety

A pupil of Norman Blamey and Ken Kiff at Chelsea and Peter Greenham and Leonard McComb at the Royal Academy Schools, Michael Sangster had some powerfully figuratively-oriented teachers in his artistic youth and the intense concern with the necessities of observation that their art
always displayed is very much at the heart of Sangster’s intense realism. “In studying reality I find it impossible to ignore any aspect of it . . . a banquet of infinite variety and I do not want to miss any part of it” he writes, while the outcome is painting full of a quiet awe and wonder at the sheer richness and mystery of what he is seeing. (Gallery 27, Cork Street, 22-27 April.)

Nicholas Usherwood, Galleries magazine. April 2013

Oil Painting Still Life with Pilgrim Flask by Michael Sangster

Still Life with Pilgrim Flask

“Working from observation of the effects of light and shade on things, the colours that are out there I perceive tonally, so that colours for me are always seen in terms of how much light or shade they live in. Accordingly my practice is to mix tones based on what I see. As white is the base of all the different colour/tones, it is important that the colours that go towards the make-up of any one tone, are of a high quality so that the chromatic pigmentation is as high as possible. Michael Harding oil paints are very useful in this respect, as they are extremely pure and bright and mix well with other colours, as well as not fading or changing over time.”
Michael Sangster 27th January 2016

Oil Painting Flowers in Brown Jug with Delft Plate by Michael Sangster

Flowers in Brown Jug with Delft Plate

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