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In 1995 I was accepted into the Royal Academy of Arts, London. On my final year at the RA I won the Landseer Travel Prize, leaving London behind for Montana. I would stay there for 13 months travelling to and fro from the Lakota Sioux Fort Peck Indian Tribal Reservation and Billings.

My work is led by a lifelong interest in anthropology, landscape and the transformation of the human spirit. The art and creative awareness of early and modern day shamanic culture, alternative states of consciousness, cosmic journeying, dreaming and Buddhism are also an influence.

I use traditional methods in painting such as gesso wooden panels and oils. Michael Harding paints are handmade in London, lightfast and durable and so the combination of stunning colour, high quality pigments and longevity are essential of my work.

Over the years, a gradual collaboration between classical and contemporary fine art techniques [painting & collage] and surface design meant that working digitally became fused and part of the creative process. Alongside is the ongoing exploration and evolving avenue into artist led and designed products in particular; Textiles. A recent body of work depicts digital seamless repeat patterns derived from small works on paper and collage, alongside my paintings.
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