Georg Wilson

My favourite Michael Harding colours are Rose Madder and Napthol Red, they create the warm grounds in all my paintings. I love Rose Madder in particular because of the pigment’s natural depth – I use it to highlight dark fleshy moments in my compositions. Napthol Red is an amazing pigment because it goes so far, one small blob is so intense it can stretch over a whole large canvas’ under layer.

‘Sick of You!’ 66 x 92 cm Oil on canvas


Georg Wilson, b.1998, is a London-based painter and the co-founder of artist-led All Mouth Gallery. Wilson is currently enrolled on the MA Painting course at the Royal College of Art (2020-22). She was recently included in ArtMaze’s Summer 2020 Issue and is a recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant (2020).

My practice interrogates the gendered roles found in European folklore, by humorously inverting or distorting their narratives. My most recent works tease out strange, playful moments enacted by sulky, awkward characters who clumsily dominate the compositions – I call them my ‘goblins’.


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