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Oil Painting titled "Misfits II" by artist Billy Seccombe

Honesty and confidence. This is what I’ve come to discover is perhaps the most riveting and important factor in deciding a painting’s greatness. That though mastering technical skill in painting is important and should be understood, it is these two elements which forge the connection between an artist and his audience. I believe that if I have been true to myself, I will have been true to my audience. However, it takes searching and a willingness to let go. It is in the spontaneity of a brush stroke, the boldness of a color choice, and moreover the freedom to paint from within that reveals the artist’s true voice.

Jenny_on_Thursday_Night by Billy Seccombe

Jenny on Thursday Night

Great works of art comfort, challenge, or urge the viewer to think. I believe an artist’s role is to teach and to bring to light the essential facts in observation and thus the truth in all things. I strive to depict the perfection of the human figure and the simple beauty that radiates from it. I am determined to convey a sense of life and energy in my subjects and thus an intimacy in my models.

Billy creating the oil painting Misfits II.

Misfits II

It is a journey of exploration of my environment and the human experience. My work derives a sense of comfort and of warmth while employing elemental accents such as patterning and props. I strive to offer a glimpse into the world as I see it. I believe that through this approach I will have achieved a universal sensibility that can be translated across time and cultures and from this I will find success.

Oil Painting Silvie by artist Billy Seccombe


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