Anita Blanchett

“I love painting in oil, it allows for incredible depth in the work, the layers are built up with time and patience and I am continually enchanted by the endless subtlety of colour that can be created.

“I also revel in the discipline and challenge of high realism and delight in the immense satisfaction that comes with the completion of a work, painted in oil with a brush on canvas. All of my work teaches me something more about life. The more I paint the more I see and learn and evolve both a person and as an artist. What I will be painting in ten years time is a complete mystery. The inspiration for me is the journey, and my art is the means with which I am able to share it.”

Anita has had a career in visual communication and design spanning twenty years. She trained as a classical ballet dancer and worked in the fitness industry as an international presenter.

In 2000 she had her first sell-out exhibition in Auckland and has been painting fulltime since then. Her established clientele continue to grow, commission and collect her evolving range of work.

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