Titanium White No. 1 (No. 101)


Titanium White No. 1 is the most brilliant white in my range, suitable for crisp, cool opaque light hues. If you want a powerful mixer that lightens hues actively, then this is it. Although not subtle, this white is the most suitable for a bright, fresh palette. It forms a strong and durable film when cured. PW6 is an Inorganic pigment.

I grind this white with Safflower Oil but also offer this beautiful hue ground in Ground in Linseed Oil – Check out TW2 for this.

Colour IndexPW6
Drying SpeedVery Slow
TransparencyVery Opaque
Oil ContentVery Low
Tint PowerHigh
ASTM D-4236

Safflower oil is a pale, slow-drying oil. As it is a paler yellow than linseed oil, lighter pigments (whites and soft blues especially) maintain their brightness when mixed with safflower oil. 

I also offer Safflower Oil as a medium which has become many artist’s go-to when wanting to brighten and thin oil paints. You can read more about my Refined Safflower Oil Medium here.

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