Michael Harding Oil Paint Demonstration

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www.coppini.us MICHAEL HARDING “HANDS ON” OIL PAINT DEMONSTRATION Date: May 8, 2016 Place: The Coppini Academy of Fine Arts Time: 1-4pm Our Patron Member Michael Harding from Michael Harding Handmade Artist Colours will give a demonstration and host a talk about his wonderful colors. This FREE event is geared for the artist who is interested […]

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History And Use Of Mediums

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Through the Renaissance, artists worked with combinations of tree resins, thickened vegetable oils, waxes and balsams. The exact organization of these raw materials is open to speculation and may differ from one artist to another, and even within the practice of an individual artist. However, the basic desire to create an oil paint film with […]

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Michael Harding Ambassador Lincoln Townley

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PRESS RELEASE The UK’s leading hand-made artist’s oils creator Michael Harding announces international artist Lincoln Townley as Brand Ambassador! For over 30 years, Michael Harding has been re-creating the standard of oil paint of the same quality and consistency of that used by the Old Masters, supplying the likes of the Victoria & Albert Museum […]

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Rabbit Skin Glue

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Question: How do you use Rabbit Skin Glue to prime a canvas? — Andy
Michael: Rabbit Skin Glue is the traditional painting surface that that has been in use for centuries. Simply add water to the granules at a ratio of approximately 13 parts water to one part granules, and allow to stand…

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