Distinguished Company!

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I was flattered to recently learn that Andrew Marr was a Michael Harding artist oil paint user, we were able to discuss many aspects of both the ancient and modern art world over a glass of wine. Having been an admirer of Andrews skills for a number of years I felt hugely humbled when Andrew wrote a few kind words in a copy […]

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Inside the Artist’s Mind

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MH Ambassador Jessica Oliver’s latest hobby is one that many dream of. Not only does Jessica have the pleasure of living and breathing art, she now gets to explore the different ways in which artists use Michael Harding Hand Made Oil Paint and Artists Materials. For her first feature on our blog, Jessica went to […]

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Peter Howson’s BBC Feature Film #MHOils

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This is a rare, intimate exploration of a single oil painting… … and the first major film to reveal the motive and techniques behind each stroke of paint as the artist creates. The audience is plunged in to the artist’s darkly comic obsessive mind, what starts as a blank canvas, emerges Peter Howson’s monumental oil […]

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Why I use Michael Harding Oil Paints

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I use Michael Harding Oil paint because of the vibrant colour range.  The quality of the ground pigments and the right amount of oil means I do not have to add any other medium to the paint to get the buttery consistency I enjoy working with.There are no driers in the paints which is fine […]

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