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Howard Hodgkin Paintings: A tribute Page to Howard Hodgkin

"The most beautiful Vermillion you can find today" Howard Hodgkin 1996

Howard Hodgkin emerged as the major artist he is today in the early 1970's, and is known especially as a brilliant colourist whose paintings, based on remembered experiences, uniquely straddled representation and abstraction.

Howard Hodgkin is clearly one of England greatest painters, Turner prise winner, a knighthood and trustee of the national gallery with a CBE. Despite all these achievements the work speaks louder. I have supplied him oil paint since 1996, after being aware of his extraordinary paintings for quite sometime, I needed him to use my paint for very personal reasons, I feel a particular affinity and understanding of his work. I believe he feels misunderstood by most people who think his work is about beauty, I do not think it is, I'm sure its about moments.

He is the only artist who I have been nervous about meeting, because he mattered; I sent him samples then waited 10 days and called to see if he liked them. His response was remarkable, I was met by huge enthusiasm, "yes you must come and see me, this is incredible paint". Upon meeting him I was astonished by his eye for artefacts, his home in Bloomsbury is very considered, objects with startling colours surrounding them.

After several visits we built up a mutual trust and discussed the effects of colour combinations. From time to time he would come out with simple statements of things that matter to him, he explained why blacks and greens are important to him. When I gave him my sap green he remarked, "fantastic" steering at it saying " it's the same shade green as the menus they had in Paris in the 1940s, clearly showing colours are about moments and memory for him.

One day he said, "oh you must give David a ring", David? "Yes "Hockney" tell him I gave you his number and that I use your paint.

Michael Harding.

Snapshot. 1984-93. Oil on wood. 59 x 88 3/4 inches.
Howard Hodgkin. (Private Collection)

After Degas - 1993. Oil on wood. 26 x 30 inches.
Howard Hodgkin. (Private Collection)

Seascape. 1996. Oil on wood. 25.4 x 27.9 cm.
Howard Hodgkin. (Private Collection)

Twilight. 1995 - 96. Oil on wood. 30.8 x 37 cm.
Howard Hodgkin. (Private Collection)